Somebunny Is Loved

Hey! During my stay on the couch taking home remedies for my swollen tonsils...I have been in a crochet frenzy! First I wanna show you this cutie! Diabetics beware! I just had to try this bunny from the book Amigurumi World...Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli. Indeed the patterns in this book are cute!

I made this current cutie for the daughter of my soul sistah...Angie of My Boat! Eons ago I made this beanie hat for her when I first began crocheting...or experimenting with crocheting...and now I knew I had to make a bunny for her since it is close to Easter and what not! I even made a matching beanie for the bunny...except in a different color of course!

Check out the details in the pictures below!

Well...thanks for looking! I'll post LV's little girl that I finally finished soon! I even made a top hat for it...lol...with a feather and all! :D Now that I'm feeling a bit better from my tonsils and don't have to take that much pain meds...I'll be back to stamping too...that's my first love. They yarn however keeps calling to me! LOL!


Angie said...

AGH! I love it SOOOO MUCH!!! And it's absolutely perfect for her Easter basket. I haven't found just the right bunny for her yet, and here you MADE it!!! SHe is gonna ADORE it!!! THANK YOU!!!

Jennifer said...

Very cute!

Shaz said...

Great stuff I just started reading the happy hooker book. Lots of great ideas.

Kat Gomez.. said...

How perfect for easter.. I love her beanie too.. so cute! awesome job Gabby.. keep stitchen away chica.. love them all.. tu amiga Kat..