Finally...an update!

Hello y'all! Just updating on what I made while I was offline. Here is a CUTE teddy bear hat I made for the daughter of a dear friend. She sent me $ to help with my little problem and I just can't accept money like that...I have to feel I earned it so I made this hat for her daughter. I absolutely LOVE this pattern and I'm so glad I practiced and practiced to make it awesome! Not to toot my own horn but DANG...TOOT TOOT! LOL! If interested in one for your daughter or son...contact me. I sell these for $25 I make them with a flower for the girls and a start for the boys. The boys one can also be plain for $20. You pick the colors (2).

I also made this Hello Kitty hat for my Lizzie. Actually I had made it for the daughter of another friend...but since Lizzie started crying...well...I just had to make another for my friend. ;) I know her daughter loves Hello Kitty so why not right? Now I'll just have to finish my cards from her swap so I can send it off...lol. Hope she likes!

Next and that'll be it for now is Sock Monkey Jack...my new buddy! This monkey is always with me...in bed...on my desk...when I sit on the couch! Awwww! He is a bit naughty though...you wouldn't believe the things that come out his mouth on Twitter! :O Yes...he has his own Twitter. But since he's grounded...he hasn't updated...lol. Can you believe I came up with this pattern from an existing pattern but for a smaller version? Yeah...and I'm still considered a beginning with my few months under my belt. LOL! I'll be offering up this pattern to the first 5 people who contact me that wants it...after that I'll be selling it for $3.

Ok peeps! I'll update once again soon! Right now I'm working on a few sock monkeys for sale...yikes! They measure approx. 12 inches and I sell them for $20 if you're interested. ;) If you are...just holla! My email is GabrielaArriaza at msn dot com I can do custom colors (3).


KarmaCraft said...

Hi Gabby!!! Long time no read, I'm just finding your newest entries! Love the Hello Kitty hat! I must take a pic of the sweater I made for my 3 year old so you can see... I'm not technically finished with it yet though. She's worn it and it's been washed but I still have to embroider the flowers onto it!! :)

Glad to see you back online. *hugs*

Kat Gomez.. said...

Hola chica.. I love the kitty hat forget the kids haha I want one !! VERY COOL.. TFS.. tu amiga Kat..