Meet my NEW friends!

Hello all! Just wanted to show you what I have been making! These little alien dudes are going to 2 little special boys born to my soul sistah! :P I truly hope they like it! I found the pattern online and HAD to make them! Now what to make for little Angel Baby! Hmmmm!

Meet here Eke Eke and Uok Uok...brothers from planet Nubia. LOL! My DS is a "out of the world" freak...so he named them and even made up their little planet. I'll have to make them little certificates to go with them...lol! I just find that adorable of my son. He's so creative! I wonder where he gets it from though? LMBO!

Next I will tackle the hedgehog I wanna conquer! The "curly back" looks CRAZY to make...and the explanations alone say so...lol...but I shall defeat it! If I'm not back within a month or two...call the crochet police as I may have been taken hostage by the Amigurumi people I have half made! HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah...LV's Little Big Planet Sack Girl is suppose to be done because it's gonna be a gift for her 14th birthday on Monday...YES...THIS MONDAY THE 1ST and she's still missing her legs and an arm! :O And I STILL have to work on a card for her! I'll never live it down if I forget a card! Then my son's birthday is on the 5th...oh boy I'm in trouble! Hopefully these tonsils let me take on tasks I need to complete!


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Angie said...

ACK! The boys already love their aliens!!! You are too fabulous Gabby! Can't WAIT to see these in real life. I hope you got all your other projects done for your own kiddos, lol! Happy Bday LV!