Call it what you will...lol...but he was one of my creations for Christmas gifts. The recipient LOVED it. He wouldn't let go of it...lol. His mom tried putting it away so he wouldn't lose it and he would cry...lol. THAT made me smile from ear to ear because that was my intended purpose...for the little guy to like his present. Every recipient loved their little crochet pal... :D I got the pattern for this guy from Lion Brand Yarn. I made him my own though. He's suppose to have 3 legs but I went with no legs just to take it easy on my hands. Making those small legs and arms can be dificult when you're having wrist pain.

Check out my slowly developing side bar for the link to Lion Brand. You'll find him under free patterns for toys OR just do a search for Amigurumi.

And Angie...I'm not ignoring you...lol...I'm working on a bunny for you! I already made a turtle...but I wanna make them both so I can send you pics. *wink*


My NEW Venture

Hello all and welcome to my new little venture! I hope you enjoy your visits. I currently have this blog by invite only and as private because I just want a close gathering of those who will actually enjoy my work and maybe would want to purchase any of my work? Maybe when I'm more secure about my work I'll share publicly.

Anywho...I'm so glad you asked for a request to join. I look forward to entertaining you with my crocheting work and maybe hook (yes...pun intended) some of you into crocheting yourself. I'll be adding patterns as time goes and I try them out.

First I want to share a cupcake I made using a pattern by anapaulaoli on Etsy! She has some AMAZING crochet patterns and I intend to own them all one day and try them all out! I found a new love in crocheting and especially Amigurumi.

Thanks for checking me out in my new venture! :)

Wanna buy me? I'm only $7 and made with love! I measure 4" across and 3 1/2" tall including the cherry. Compare me to $15 without a cherry AND smaller on Etsy. I'm great as a pincushion too...

POST EDIT: I now come in a smaller size too! Just no face or cherry for $4