Somebunny Is Loved

Hey! During my stay on the couch taking home remedies for my swollen tonsils...I have been in a crochet frenzy! First I wanna show you this cutie! Diabetics beware! I just had to try this bunny from the book Amigurumi World...Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli. Indeed the patterns in this book are cute!

I made this current cutie for the daughter of my soul sistah...Angie of My Boat! Eons ago I made this beanie hat for her when I first began crocheting...or experimenting with crocheting...and now I knew I had to make a bunny for her since it is close to Easter and what not! I even made a matching beanie for the bunny...except in a different color of course!

Check out the details in the pictures below!

Well...thanks for looking! I'll post LV's little girl that I finally finished soon! I even made a top hat for it...lol...with a feather and all! :D Now that I'm feeling a bit better from my tonsils and don't have to take that much pain meds...I'll be back to stamping too...that's my first love. They yarn however keeps calling to me! LOL!


Meet my NEW friends!

Hello all! Just wanted to show you what I have been making! These little alien dudes are going to 2 little special boys born to my soul sistah! :P I truly hope they like it! I found the pattern online and HAD to make them! Now what to make for little Angel Baby! Hmmmm!

Meet here Eke Eke and Uok Uok...brothers from planet Nubia. LOL! My DS is a "out of the world" freak...so he named them and even made up their little planet. I'll have to make them little certificates to go with them...lol! I just find that adorable of my son. He's so creative! I wonder where he gets it from though? LMBO!

Next I will tackle the hedgehog I wanna conquer! The "curly back" looks CRAZY to make...and the explanations alone say so...lol...but I shall defeat it! If I'm not back within a month or two...call the crochet police as I may have been taken hostage by the Amigurumi people I have half made! HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah...LV's Little Big Planet Sack Girl is suppose to be done because it's gonna be a gift for her 14th birthday on Monday...YES...THIS MONDAY THE 1ST and she's still missing her legs and an arm! :O And I STILL have to work on a card for her! I'll never live it down if I forget a card! Then my son's birthday is on the 5th...oh boy I'm in trouble! Hopefully these tonsils let me take on tasks I need to complete!



Just wanted you to know...

This blog has become open to all! I think I'm a bit more secure with my work to show it to others...lol! Thanks for the support in my new found loved craft!


WHOA! It's been a while!

It's been a while since I posted anything here huh? It seems like time is just flying by and I can't get a grasp on it! Still...I need to be better about updating! I mean I HAVE been crocheting! Here are my latest projects!

Buster Bunny

Tammy Turtle

and thanks to Jenn...

Little Big Planet Sackboy! Or I shall say...an imitation sackboy! LOL! I made this one for my DS. I'm currently making a Sackgirl for LV...WITH HAIR!!! :O

Alright...that's it for now! I'm off to tackle some stuff on my "to do" list.