My story behind my new venture...

My story behind this venture starts with a want of crocheted flowers being used in stamped greeting cards. Stampin' Up! has them and they were pricey. So then I saw my friend Joani had some on her blog and I HAD to buy some from her. Joani's mom Rose is the one who makes them and she makes them AMAZING!

So then my hubby says to me...why not try this yourself? So I went to grab my very first set of crochet hooks and some yarn and floss to try it out and saw that I CAN do this! SO I made my first few flowers and attached them to some of my handmade cards.

THEN I found a YouTube video on how to make beanie caps. Yeah...I jumped from a beginner project to something a bit more "advanced"...lol...I'm crazy like that! I can't conform myself to just dipping my toes in the pool...I HAVE to jump in! Then there came my very first beanie skull cap made for my little girl Lizzie. I got a great response to it so I knew this was a calling! It got such great feedback that my friend Angie bought one from me for her little girl...her Angel baby! I was UBBER excited!

Then I hit a little crocheting pause because I was having my hand problems with CT flare-ups and what not. Then as I got better...I was watching MORE YouTube videos and reading on more crochet patterns...mostly free ones...and started making more stuff.

Then just recently I found out about Amigurumi. OHMYGOSH I was hooked! Those little Amigurumi characters are too darn adorable to resist. That's when I made my very first Amigurumi cupcake! So far I've made flowers, snowflakes, iPod socks, Oreo Cookies, cupcakes, aliens, doggies, turtles, and even a big hair decor for LV.

So there is a very quick story for ya on how and why I got started in crocheting! Thanks for "listening".